Monday, February 7, 2011

We need something different

We need something different.  We're not the only ones saying this and hopefully that's a good thing.  We pray that there is a growing epidemic of believers who are unwilling to keep on "doing church as usual". We pray that out of this epidemic grows more and more churches that are authentic and genuine in their life of faith. What for us started as a dangerous question of, "What would it look like if we started a church?" has grown into an unavoidable calling.  Mosaic Life Church's mission is to "Become a healing community of Faith growing the Kingdom of God one life, one family at a time."  Our heart's desire is to be RELATIONAL, RELEVANT, and RADICAL.  We're a growing number of people who desire to move out of where we have been and what we have known regarding "church as we've known it" and move into something deeper.  What that is...we're not sure of yet.  To be absolutely honest, these are uncharted waters for us.  Sure we have seen glimpses here and there along our journey of faith and life, but have we seen a clear picture, can we even be a clear picture? This we are not sure of, but this is what we're called to.  We welcome you join us and plunge headlong into the unknown territory of "Church as it could be".

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